Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness

Richland Animal Hospital proudly offers the best in wellness care! To learn more about wellness care and our offering, please see below.

Pet Wellness in Richland, WA

We provide routine wellness care designed for new pets, adult health care, and bi-annual senior care programs. We will design a plan to meet the needs of your specific pet.

dog getting checked by vet

Nutritional Counseling

Whether your pet suffers from food allergies, specific health conditions, an expanding waistline, or age-related challenges, our trained staff can evaluate your pet’s needs and make the proper nutritional recommendations based on those needs. We carry prescription diets from Hill’s, Iams, Purina, and Royal Canin.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Our pets can also be afflicted with high blood pressure, or what is called hypertension. Hypertension can also be the result of an underlying health problem. Detecting, monitoring, and treating hypertension in our pets are an important part of their health care.

Chinese Medicine

At Richland Animal Hospital, in addition to Conventional Medicine, we also offer the option of treating with Chinese Herbal Medicine. By incorporating Chinese medicine into our practice, we have the tools that both history and modern medicine provide to us in finding just the right treatment for your pet.

Pain Management

No one wants to live with chronic pain, and this includes our pets. Surgical procedures are not the only cause of pain that we see in animals. Just as we develop aches and pains as we age, so do our pets. A terminal illness such as cancer can also cause our pets considerable pain. The comfort of your pet is very important to us, and good pain management is an integral part of that comfort.