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Pet Dentistry

Richland Animal Hospital is proud to offer you and your pet, dental services! Read below to learn more.

Pet Dentistry in Richland, WA

Part of our core value is to build trust and respect with clients. We’ll do that when you’re with us through education and communication about your pet’s health.

vet brushing dogs teeth

We offer the same professional dental cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler, polish, and fluoride as your dentist may use. Dental procedures at Richland Animal Hospital are performed by our veterinarians using the same anesthetic and monitoring protocols as our surgical patients receive. We also offer teeth trimming on rabbits and other pocket pets that require this for optimum health.

Your pet’s oral health is inextricably linked to their general health. Bad breath is often the first indication that something is wrong with your dog’s mouth. Halitosis, which develops when bacteria infect the gums, can spread via the circulation and damage the kidneys, heart, and other organs if left unchecked.

Periodontal disease symptoms include bleeding gums, loss of interest in activities, pawing at the face, irritability, lethargy, and sadness. Your pet is never too old for regular dental treatment. A comprehensive dental examination, expert cleaning, and effective home prevention measures can help you avoid periodontal disease.